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Disorganized Zone Now On DVD

Disorganized Zone Now On DVD

Disorganized Zone Now On DVD

Nandar Entertainment has released the complete Season One of Disorganized Zone on DVD. It can be purchased at various stores online until the release of the DVD in stores like Walmart, Amazon Prime, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and others.

Here is the press release from Nandar Pictures:

Nandar Pictures will release half-hour sci-fi comedy original series “Disorganized Zone” November 22, 2016 on Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Vimeo On Demand and as a PPV selection on NandarTV.com. The show spoofs the black and white Twilight Zone episodes. Disorganized Zone is the first of two original series that writer/director Judy Norton (The Waltons) negotiated distribution deals for with Nandar Pictures. .

The 7-episodes has fun with the notion that people need an “Organizer” in their lives to help pull together their physical space. Norton also stars as “The Organizer” who has a magical quality about her and a sixth sense in situations. “Disorganized Zone” storylines are based on show creator Cindi Seidler’s “day job” career as a professional organizer and inspired by real life experiences.  Watch the trailer: Disorganized Zone.

“Disorganized Zone” is produced by Good Take Films and distributed worldwide by Nandar Pictures. Nandar Pictures, LLC is a domestic and foreign Sales Agent and Distributor with straight output deals in many retail and streaming outlets along with their own platform NandarTV.com.

To help boost “stock alert” sales at Walmart, a link is provided below to order there!


Watch and enjoy!

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