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Judy Norton opens for western story

Saturday evening March 12 the Golden Age Theater in Hollywood will present WHEN GILHOOLY WAS IN FLOWER with an opening musical performance by Judy Norton

WHEN GILHOOLY WAS IN FLOWER – a western by L. Ron Hubbard

The trouble with Jigsaw, according to Mary Ann, is that there is not an ounce of romance in his soul. But a reading of Sir Walter Scott’s chivalrous tale Ivanhoe, a knightly joust with a bull and the conquest of two local desperados just may prove her wrong—and help

Starring:  R.F. Daley, John Mariano, Travis Oates, Noelle North and Robert Towers

Directed by: R.F. Daley

For tickets, address, show times and additional information go to  www.goldenagetheater.com

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