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Poker Girls trailer, featuring Judy, now online!

Poker Girls trailer, featuring Judy, now online!

The season 2 trailer for Poker Girls is now available for viewing! See the exciting new look of this edgy web series shot entirely on location in Calgary, Alberta. In January, Judy flew up to Canada to shoot the season 2 premiere. Various behind the scenes photos can be seen on the Poker Girls Facebook page as well as on their website at  pokergirls-series.com

For this episode, Judy was reunited with fellow Canadian actor/director Neil Schell with whom Judy worked during her years in Vancouver, BC. Neil directed this episode which is produced by SkyeLove Pictures. Jewelle Cowell, the creator/producer of POKER GIRLS, was thrilled to have Judy on board to help launch their new season. When asked about the project, Judy had nothing but high praise for both Jewelle and her entire cast and crew. “I had an absolute blast working with everyone,” Judy stated, “I have the greatest admiration for what Jewelle is creating here, and I hope to have a long association with SkyeLove Pictures. I know they have nothing but great things in their future.”

The full episode is scheduled to be online sometime in March. Spread the word!

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